Brice Poisson, portrait.
Josselin Azorin-Lara, portrait.

MINTE is a leading

creative studio based in India, servicing clients world wide

since September 2014.

Our focus

is on 2D Animation,

the work on Harmony and only Harmony and we are good at it! We can help you in various stages of production from your Preproduction till


MINTE Entertainment logo, Concept Art, Comic Studio, 2D Animation

Josselin Azorin-Lara


Brice Poisson

C.E.O. | Producer | Founder

22 years

of creative experience

in comics & entertainment.

"Versatile creative, passionate storyteller, art enthusiast, entertainment visionary... Creativity knows no bounds, as long as it keeps our senses linked to our emotions and thoughts."

12 years

of business experience

in India & world wide.

"Intrepid entrepreneur

and tireless learner.

From pastries to comic books, to animation to film... There is so much to do, and so little time."

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Josselin Azorin-Lara, Brice Poisson, co-founders of MINTE.

Our core


1) Creativity

2) Autonomy

3) Communication

4) Accountability

5) Punctuality

We combine

an international leadership

with the best talents in India.


let’s build a long term

business relationship!

Since 2017,

we've produced hundreds hours of 2D animation for TV cartoon series and commercials, and became

the first TOON BOOM HARMONY certified studio

in the world... The adventure continues!

Since 2014,

we've delivered thousands

of comic pages, from colors

to complete pages, artworks, covers, lettering... Hundreds

of concept arts and story-boards for swipe comic, board games, motion comic, turbomedia...