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Our core values are passion, quality & art consistency, international standards, respect of the deadlines, controlled cost, and long-term business. We combine an international leadership with the best talents of India. We believe and worship the importance of team work, always giving the opportunity to our artists to challenge themselves and grow with us.


During the past four years, MINTE became the first Indian studio to provide high quality comic book series, up to the European market standards, with some of our original productions like FRIGIEL&FLUFFY, which became top sales in FRANCE since 2018!

You are a comic book artist looking for exciting opportunities? We don’t have opening right now, with our COMIC DIVISION, but we are always happy to discover new talents, so please don’t hesitate to send us your resume + portfolio link to comic@minte.co


In 2017, MINTE opened a 2D animation division, and became the first studio in the world certified TOON BOOM HARMONY! We are working on exciting international project, and now we offer you the opportunity to be the part of our talented animation team!

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